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Bioskope Films was formed by Film enthusiasts Raj Hameed and Naushaba Rubna Rashid - both from the San Francisco Bay Area - to acquire, promote and distribute Bengali Films in North America and along with Global partners - Worldwide. We want to create a platform for creative young Bengali Filmmakers from both Bengals to showcase their work to the Bengali-speaking diaspora. It will serve two purposes: One, a culture of viewing Bengali movies will take shape in this market supporting upcoming creative works, and Two, Filmmakers back in Dhaka and Kolkata will have a set distribution access to a huge untapped market ....Our slogan : Films for the Soul, Films for a better Society .........

Our Work So Far and Our Plans Ahead ..........

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We started as a Film Society and quickly realized that the financial and marketing intricacies dictate a business undertaking with a strong passion, healthy financial involvement and an unwavering social goal. Thus, Bioskope Films LLC was born.

Here are the Film-related Events we have organized so far :

* Bongo Shommelon Santa Clara 2017 : Reception of the Stars with IBFA Awards (July 2017);

* Honorary reception with Bangladesh's International Star Jaya Ahsan at Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, CA (July 2017);

* Srijit Up Close & Personal : Meet and Greet with iconic Film Director Srijit Mukherji at Oasis Palace, Fremont, CA (February 2018);

* Bangla Film Celebration at FOBANA Convention at World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA (July 2018);

* Film "Jodi Ak Din" Coast to Coast Premiere in New York and Los Angeles ( April 2019 ) ;

* Bongo Shommelon NABC Las Vegas 2020 Bangladesh Kick-Off in New York ( June 2019 ) ;

Films we have distributed in USA in 2017 :

1. "Bhuban Majhi" (Gorai Films Production) / Director : Fakhrul Arefeen Khan (limited west coast release) ;

2."Bhalobashar Bari" (M.K. Media Production)/ Director : Tarun Majumdar (Limited West Coast Release );

3. "Doob-No Bed of Roses" ( Eskay Movies & Jaaz MultiMedia) - Director : Mostafa Sarwar Farooki ( 12 U.S. cities );

Films we have distributed in U.S.A. in 2018 :

4."Dhaka Attack" (Three Wheeler Productions) - Director : Dipankar Dipon ( 12 U.S. cities except New York and Dallas ) ;

5."SwapnaJaal" (Bengal Creations) - Director : Giasuddin Selim ( 10 U.S. cities );

6. "Poramon 2" - (Jaaz Multi-Media) - Director : Raihan Rafi ( 6 U.S. cities ) ;

7. "Debi" ( C te Cinema ) - Director : Anom Bishwas ; Producer : Jaya Ahsan 

broke all records in the USA - 33 U.S. cities with 3 week-run in New York !

8. "Maati" (Magic Moments Productions) - Directors Leena Ganguly & Saibal Banerjee's  - debut film based on the 1947 divide starring Paoli Dam and Adil Hossain ( 6 U.S. cities ) ;

9. "Ek Je Chhilo Raja" (SVF Films) Director : Srijit Mukherji's historic drama starring Jaya Ahsan, Jisshu Sen Gupta, Aparna Sen and Anjan Datta (10 U.S. cities) ;

Films we have distributed in U.S.A. and Canada in 2019 :

10. "Fagun Haway" (Impress TeleFilms) Director: Tauquir Ahmed - based on the 1952 Language Movement starring Tisha, Siam and Yashpal Sharma (23 U.S. and 8 Canadian cities ) ;

11. "Bijoya" (Opera Movies) Director: Kaushik Ganguly - sequel to the award winning film Bishorjon starring Jaya Ahsan and Abir Chatterjee ( 12 U.S. cities );

12. "Jodi Ak Din" (Bengal Multi-Media/RTV) Director : MM Kamal Raz - Singer Superstar Tahsan's first Film had a Coast to Coast Premiere in New York and Los Angeles ( 10 U.S. cities ) ;

13. "Konttho" ( Windows Production ) Director : Shiboprasad Mukherjee & Nandita Roy - a stellar production starring Jaya Ahsan, Paoli Dam and Shiboprasad himself  ( 16 U.S. cities ) ;

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There is a definite positive trend emerging in film-making in Bangladesh. And in Kolkata, young directors have shown the way and brought audience back to Bengali movies rekindling the European Trend in Bangla Cinema. Collaboration between Kolkata and Dhaka on films are increasing. Compact script based on strong story foundations, stellar acting and direction coupled with superb photography has created a different edge for these films and we definitely would like to promote them in the United States. 

Support us - donate, buy tickets and show up at our screen dates .....or better still, be an organizer, be an investor, be a volunteer and Join Us - be a part of this Movement ..........


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Film "Shapludu" Hollywood Premiere with Arifin Shuvoo !

Super Action Star Arifin Shuvoo at Film "Shapludu" Premiere in Los Angeles at Harmony Gold Theater on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles on November 1st, 2019 

Our Upcoming Screenings & Events :

Bioskope Films is preparing an exciting line-up for 2019 with some epic films in their line-up . 

Bioksope Films is happy to announce the Bangladesh Film Festival in Bongo Shommelon NABC 2020 in Las Vegas July2-July 5 - stay tuned !

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"Debi": The Worldwide Phenomenon


The Film that was the rage and phenomenon in 2018 - Internationally acclaimed actress Jaya Ahsan's own production " C te Cinema"s debut venture film : "Debi" was distributed in the U.S. from Bioskope Films and broke all records ! 

Kindly visit our Fb page for  viewer video reactions . Please log-in to our Fb Page :

Our 2019 Releases


We began 2019 with two extraordinary films from both sides of Bengal : 

* Tauquir Ahmed's thought-provoking "Fagun Haway" based on the 1952 Language Movement starring Siam, Tisha and Yashpal Sharma ;

* The Director whose film "Bishorjon" swept all major Awards for 2017 - Kaushik Ganguly - brings the stellar sequel "Bijoya" for the audience in 2019 starring Jaya Ahsan, Abir Chatterjee and Kaushik Ganguly himself. Bioskope Films screened "Bijoya" in 12 U.S.A. cities in 2019 ;

* Tahsan Khan - the singer TV actor superstar from Dhaka starred in his first Film "Jodi Ak Din" which was distributed by Bioskope Films in 10 U.S. cities with a Coast to Coast premiere in New York and Los Angeles in April / May of 2019 ;

* Our Current Release : The iconic Director Duo Shiboprasad Mukherjee & Nandita Das excels in their latest creation - "Konttho" - a Film that will be down for the ages . Creative direction , compact and piercing Script coupled with superb performances made "Konttho" a film to remember ! Bioskope Films took over the U.S.A. Distribution and showed the Film in 16 U.S. cities from June to August 2019 !

Latest USA/Canada Film Release : Superstar Arifin Shuvoo's Action-Thriller "ShapLudu"


Since the blockbuster "Dhaka Attack" - we have been waiting for Action hero and Hearthrob Arifin Shuvoo's next film to bring to the USA audience. 

Our prayers have been answered !

Bengal Multi-Media Limited's next film Directed by Golam Sohrab Dodul and starring Arifin Shuvoo, Bidya Sinha Mim, Zahid Ahsan, Shotabdi Wadud fits the bill and craving of all audiences. The Trailer of the film has received huge interest and positive reactions from viewers ! 

Bioskope Films released Film "Shapludu" with a week-long engagement in New York on October 25th and was screened in Virginia, Houston, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Austin, Ontario, Miami and Portland. "Shapludu" had a Canadian release on Novemeber 8th in Toronto and Ottawa . 

Action Star Arifin Shuvoo was in USA for the promotion of the Film and attended Premieres with the Audience in New York, Virginia, Los Angeles and San Francisco !